3 Top Tips For Shabby Chic Homes

3 Top Tips For Shabby Chic Homes

Sometimes a difficult look to get right, shabby chic homes require a certain level of casual yet thoughtful planning. This juxtaposition is what leaves people reeling when attempting to recreate the shabby chic look in their home. Luckily, there is one way you can help your home to strike the balance - tiles. Tiles look stunning, giving your home a new lease of life with unbelievably low maintenance requirements. The whole ethos of the shabby chic look focuses on the up-cycling or rejuvenation of older furnishings. This repurposing is what gives the shabby chic look a modern yet slightly vintage aesthetic. So, how can you get this look in your home?

Granite Floor Tiles

Stone is a gorgeous, natural material that adds a beautiful glamour to a room. It’s timeless look is what helps it to adapt to any interior design scheme, including shabby chic. When thinking of granite, you wouldn’t be wrong to conjure up thoughts of sparkling tiles. This however is quartz, a polished, modern looking tile that had plenty of shine. Natural granite however is very much a rustic, textured material. These tiles used on your floor will give you a fabulous earthy look that works wonderfully with the shabby chic accessories. Throw a traditional rug over these floor tiles to give the overall look that added bit of comfort.

Wood Effect Tiles

Following on from that slightly more rustic look, wood effect tiles are also a fantastic option. Mimicking the look of wood seamlessly, wood effect tiles give you that perfect combination of style and practicality. Rustic or aged wood effect tiles are best for shabby chic designs since these best promote that up-cycled look we’ve mentioned previously. The wood look is incredibly popular, and for good reason. It’s sophisticated yet homely look gives a room a warmth and and style like no other material. Unfortunately, wood isn’t suitable for every room, including some kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms would traditionally adopt tiles thanks to their easy to clean and low maintenance properties. However, recent developments in tiling means you can now use tiles that have a wood effect finish. This is great for giving rooms a better sense of style while still getting a strong design scheme.

Concrete Tiles

You can’t get anymore shabby chic than concrete. It’s reclaimed look used with tiles is ideal for that shabby chic aesthetic. Using concrete tiles is also a great future investment since these can be adapted to fit most future designs should you wish to redecorate. Concrete comes in many varying shades of grey giving you a wider selection to choose from based on the light availability in your home. Concrete tiles paired with distressed furniture and patterned furnishings will give you fabulously trendy interior.

Don’t be intimidated by the shabby chic look, it’s much easier to achieve than you may have previously thought. Using these tiles with the right accessories will get you that look in no time.

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