4 Ways of Using Black and White Tiles

4 Ways of Using Black and White Tiles

Black and white, the ultimate colour combination. Using black and white together gives a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic that work for both modern and traditional looks. So how exactly can you use these two colour extremes together to create stunning interior designs?


You can’t get much more classic than a square tile. It’s practicality is unbeatable and offers you a familiar and adaptable look to any room. The square shape marries harmoniously with the black and white to create a complementary aesthetic. Pair black and white square tiles on your floor in an alternating pattern for that truly iconic look.


If you’re wanting something with a little more flare, try a patterned print tile. These intricate designs with the black and white make for gorgeous victorian inspired floors and or walls. Match these tiles with woods and ornate furnishings for a high-class finish. Patterns are huge right now and are set to continue there success in coming years. Homeowners and designers alike are moving away from the neutral block colour trend and are instead focusing on using stronger colours and patterns to create beautiful looks.


There’s no denying that geometric patterns are are the forefront of modern designing. Their incredibly striking looks make for fantastic additions to modern properties. These tiles used with black and white gives your floor and walls a great sense of dimension and can help smaller rooms look and feel larger. Some geometric designs using black and white incorporate grey too, so to get that sense of perspective when using 3D patterns. This works massively in your favour as grey is a great intermediary colour when it comes to working with accent accessories and furnishings.


If opulence is more your style, try marble tiles. If the idea of looking at marble tiles sent your wallet running to the hills, don’t worry. Marble effect tiles are a great alternative to the real thing giving you the same great look of real marble without the hefty price tag. This is ideal if you’re working to a budget but still want to create expensive themes in your home. Since black marble is harder to come by, instead pari white marble with a dark grey or black slate tile for that perfect contrast between smooth and textured.

And there you have it, four great ways of using black and white effectively in your home. Don’t be intimidated by their strong looks, you can easily incorporate these designs with other colours or materials for seamless finishes. Monochromatic homes scream style, so what are you waiting for?

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