Four Ways of Using Pink Tiles

Four Ways of Using Pink Tiles

With homeowners moving further and further away from those beige and cream interiors, we area starting to see the use of more interesting and bolder colours. One such colour is pink. You might not immediately think of pink as a possible tile colours since it has typically quite youthful connotations. However, pink is actually a very trendy and fresh colours that can transform a room in to a contemporary haven. But what are the best ways of using pink tiles in your home?


A great way of introducing pink to a bathroom to kitchen is the use it in conjunction with patterns. Patterned tiles are hugely popular right now, proving themselves to be staple pieces of interiors nationwide. Incorporating pink in your home using patterns helps the colour to be far more subtle as most of the attention is focused on the pattern. This is ideal if you just want a hint of pink in your kitchen and or bathroom without being too intense.


Remember, when working with pink, you aren’t just confined to using pastel and fuchsia shades. Pink matches harmoniously with varying shades of beiges and browns as they are all from the same base palette. This means you can use a mix and match of tiles in these shades and simply use pink with accessories. This will give you far more flexibility long term. Using a base of neutral colours means you can rework your furniture and decorative items multiple times without having to worry about the colours not working with future designs and themes.


Mosaics are a beautiful way of incorporating just a hint of colour to a room. Mosaics tend to be used as borders, splashbacks or just a feature piece on a wall. This allows you to use other colours on your walls, such as white, that will help to open up smaller rooms. Using a mosaic splashback behind a cooker or sink is a great way of again just adding that flair of colour that we mentioned previously. Pink mosaics incorporate a range of shades so makes finding accent pieces incredibly easy.

Metro Tiles

It’s nearly impossible to not have heard of metro tiles by now, they’re everywhere! Their vintage glamour look is ideal of creating a number of popular designs such as industrial and Scandinavian. This, mixed with pink, gives a stunning contemporary look that lends itself nicely to bolder and more striking looks. Pair pink metro tiles with gold and white accessories for a beautiful blend of colours.

Pink is often forgotten about when designing a bathroom or kitchen for fear of it looking a bit too niche and difficult to work with. But as we have just discussed, there are endless ways of working with pink tiles in your home. We hope this helps to put your mind at ease if you’re wanting to work with pink. Make sure you’ve taken a look at our range of pink tiles for inspiration!

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