Bedroom on a Budget

Bedroom on a Budget

We’re back this week with some great ideas on how to give your bedroom some much needed love and attention. Whether it's your room, your kid’s room or your spare room, these tips are oh so simple and can be applied to any of the above.

Clear the clutter

A bedroom is a place you can get some much needed R&R. Somewhere you can have a lay down on a Sunday afternoon and feel at peace, despite what's going on downstairs. So make it that. Throw away what you don’t need and get some stylish storage boxes or fit a shelving unit. Hide your stress-inducing clutter and make your room feel clear and tidy. Tidy life, tidy mind.

Dress the dresser

Your drawers or dresser are useful, but they don’t have to be ugly. You can add ornaments and photo frames to personalise them or better yet, re-style them completely. Do some research, see what you like and imitate it. Painting your furniture can make it look completely brand new, without breaking the bank. If you want something more basic yet timeless, go for a white or pale paint colour and add some mosaic tiles. You can create some great patterns with mosaics and something that’s really personal to you.


House plants produce oxygen and remove toxic air, which is not what you need in a tranquil environment! So many high street and online retailers have a huge choice of these for great prices. Do a bit of research before you buy. Some require more specific maintenance and are suitable for different environments. If you’re not a fan of the real deal, you can grab some artificial plants that have the same visual effect.

Go green

And reinvent unused objects. Pallets and crates have a million uses, for every room of the house. A lick of paint and you have a new bedside table. Or some great new shelves. The possibilities are endless and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too!

Wallpaper or paint?

How about neither! Wall tiles are a stylish and inexpensive way to add some colour or completely change the look of your bedroom. You can pick up some great colours, tones and even textured wall tiles. They’re durable, easy to clean and look great! It’s also not impossible to put these on yourself, but you can always ask a professional if you’re not so DIY savvy.

Looks like you’ve got some work to do! See what we've got for you next week when we look at the heart of all home. The kitchen.

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