Advice on Pairing Tiles

Advice on Pairing Tiles

With continuing advancements in tile manufacturing, there are now more tiles than ever to choose from when it comes to redecorating your home. This is great in terms of styles and designs, but it also means that that there is now the question of how to best pair these tiles together. Luckily, we’ve got some handy tips about how to best pair your tiles for gorgeous looks.


First things first, consider the way the rooms in your house face. A south facing room will have plenty of access to natural light during the day, so are far easier to design. North facing rooms however require a little more pre-planning since they don’t get a lot of good light. For these north facing rooms, try to match your floor and wall tiles to create a more seamless and open space. This will open up the room nicely and make the most of the light available. South facing rooms however are far more forgiving and means you can work with those bolder and darker colours without worry of drowning the room. For example, use a dark, atmospheric colour on your walls and a lighter wood effect tile on your floors. This contrast makes for a stunning aesthetic that darker rooms simply can’t achieve.


We’ve just touched on colour but were going to elaborate further. When decorating smaller rooms, like bathrooms, try to keep your tiles within a harmonious colour blend. We don’t mean you have to use pastel and neutral colours, rather, just make sure that your colours work well together. Tiles are bold and so need to work well together within a room. With darker colours in particular, make sure you have thought about how they will work together. Of course, colours are massively helped by the accessories in the room. So, it’s important early on to pick a design scheme and stick to it so that you don’t end up with a haphazard room without direction. If colour isn’t your thing and you’re more interested in pursuing a monochromatic look, just make sure you do add some pops of colour somewhere. Monochromatic looks are perfect for both contemporary and Victorian inspired looks, but can sometimes come across as quite cold. To avoid this, make sure you match these tiles with some warmer coloured accessories to keep life within the room.


If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll know that we’ve mentioned grout before. A great design tip is to match the colour of the wall grout with the colour of your floor tiles. This creates a seamless blend between the two and allows you to get a lot more creative with your design choices. Grout is often overlooked when tile shopping, but is actually just as important for creating professional looking homes.

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