Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

Choosing natural stone tiles immediately puts your home a step above the rest in terms of both value and aesthetics. While these beautiful tiles do bring both style and elegance, they also bring a higher maintenance need too. Don’t worry, caring for and looking after your natural stone tiles is easy when you know how. So, lets take a look at the ways you can keep your tiles looking as good as new.


Limestone is a durable and versatile tile choice. Available is a huge range of colours and styles, Limestone gives a stunning final effect. Limestone can be quite easily scratched, but this isn’t a disadvantage. The scratches that occur over time add to that charm of the limestone tile and adds both depth and character. It’s important to be aware that limestone can erode slightly with constant and prolonged exposure to water, so make sure these tiles are appropriate for the room you intend them for.


Travertine is one of the more popular natural tile materials. These tiles can be used on both your walls and floors for a truly earthy and neutral design. Over time,  you may notice some pinholes appearing on the surface which is due to the natural wear of the product. There’s no need to fret over these as they are purely superficial. If they bother you, you can fill them in with grout or resin. This is totally up to you and your tastes, but it is worth nothing that these tiles can be more difficult to clean if you leave the pinholes unfilled .


Arguably most homeowners favourite floor tile, slate is ideal for both country and industrial inspired looks. Since slate is very varied in its appearance, it works beautifully when you mix and match types of slate. Since slate isn’t a smooth material, some flaking can occur on the natural layers of the product. If this happens, simply clean and then reseal the area.


Luxurious and sophisticated, every marble tile is unique. As with the previous tiles we have mentioned, marble is also prone to natural variation. The differences in patterns and shades between tiles really adds to the authenticity of this tile. Marble tiles are popular for kitchen splashbacks, but marble is actually quite susceptible to things such as cooking oil. It important therefore to make sure that your marble tiles are properly sealed to avoid long-term damage.

Natural stone tiles are a gorgeous addition to any home, adding that much needed touch of class. The higher quality material, the more maintenance it will likely need. But don’t be put off by this as it doesn’t mean you need to tend to your tiles everyday. Rather, keeping on top of cleaning and general maintenance is a must as this will guarantee the already increased longevity of the tile.

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