Colour Guide: Green with Envy

Colour Guide: Green with Envy

Spring is officially here, even if it doesn’t feel like it! With that in mind, you might be looking to spring clean your house or even get started on a redecoration project. One great colour to bring back life and zest to your home is green. Vibrant and fresh, green is ideal for adding some character to a room. In particular, kitchens and bathrooms lend themselves to green perfectly. The best way of bringing in this stunning colour is through tiles. If you’ve read some of our other posts you’ll know that tiles are a great foundation to building strong aesthetics in your home. So, lets take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate green tiles in to your home.


We can’t go on enough about how great splashbacks are for bringing just a hint of colour to a room. It’s slightly more subtle introduction of colour allows for you to get even more creative with home decor items. For splashbacks, it’s important to always go for a high gloss finished tile. This not only gives shine, but the slippery texture stops food from getting stuck on the tile surface. Your best bet therefore would be a porcelain or ceramic tile. It doesn’t matter on the style as that’s totally up to your and your tastes.


If you’re wanting an even more subtle hint of green, look to mosaics. Most mosaic tiles combine varying shades of one colour, so this can help to give you that splash of colour without fully committing to one solid shade. Again, this makes for accessorising and complementing your interiors easy since accent colours will be easier to match. The beauty of mosaics is that you don’t need to cover a whole wall. You can use mosaics as a border or even as a splash back as mentioned earlier. Mosaics are often thought of as being difficult to install, but this simply isn’t true. Mosaic tiles aren’t sold in tiny individual tiles, they are actually sold in sheets. The tiles are stuck on to a mesh backing that makes for quick and simple installation.

Complementary Tiles

As mentioned previously, you might not want to jump straight in to green everything. Luckily, there are countless complementary tiles that work beautifully with green tiles. Any kind of white or grey tile makes for a stark contrast that looks incredibly contemporary. Whether they be a plain porcelain tile or a slate or stone effect, these work wonderfully with greens. Similarly, wood effect tiles are the ultimate harmonious tile to work with green. The earthy colours work together to give a really stunning, natural design. Wood effect tiles are on the rise since they offer that gorgeous wood look with all of the practical benefits of a tile.

With beige and whites on their way out of our homes, theres no better time to embrace the new found love of colours. Green is a fantastic colour that brings style and life to a room so could be big thing the next thing to make your house come alive this year!

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