Creating The Industrial Look With Tiles

Creating The Industrial Look With Tiles

A design trend sweeping to interiors world at the moment is the industrial look. Think hip coffee shops and renovated apartments in older buildings. This popular trend is easy replicate using either small details or bolder statement pieces. When you hear the word industrial, you might be mistaken in thinking that your home will look like a building site. This is far from the truth, the industrial look draws inspiration from Scandinavian interiors that show both style and functionality.  The key is minimalism, mixing the vintage and the modern, this is a rule that you should abide by the truly achieve the industrial look.

Tiles are perfect for achieving the industrial look. Their simple, hardwearing and elegantly simple look are ideal for starting your industrial journey. Tiles with a grey or black colour are your best bet for both walls and floors since they emulate that slightly more rustic look. In particular, try to go for a matt finished tile as this simplifies the overall aesthetic. Similarly, natural stone or slate tiles give you that earthy and exposed look that you can build your whole design around.

If you’d rather keep things a little more sleek than a metro tile would also be perfect. The metro tile is frequently used in bars and cafes to create a vintage, retro look that creates a stunning aesthetic. The metro tile rose to popularity in the early 1900’s thanks to it’s use in the London Underground making it a historically accurate and beautiful industrial tile choice. If you opt for a metro tile, use a contrasting grout colour for to really make the tiles pop. Using a white tile with a black grout for example is a great way of emulating a gorgeous industrial chic look.

The industrial look relies heavily on texture and it is the building of this texture that will give you the stunning end results. Polished concrete tiles are also a fantastic choice. Their colour and exposed look act as the blank canvas to allow you to work with other feature pieces.

Whichever style you’re looking it’s important to stick within the same colour palette. For the best industrial looks its imperative that you use greys, browns, blacks and whites. You can of course use colour with your accessory pieces, but for tiles, play it safe with monochromatic colours for a minimalist look. The staple pieces to the industrial look are of course the tiles but also things such as distressed wood furniture, brushed nickel or vintage accessories and soft furnishings. Any kind of reclaimed copper or metal are perfect so consider sinks or faucets in this style.

If you’re looking for a cheaper renovation style, the industrial look is perfect. It’s simplistic look means you can easily replicate the look in your own home. Often, you wouldn’t even need to redecorate completely. The tiles are the base for the whole design and a new set of tiles can transform your home in an instant.

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