Four Tips for Tiling Small Kitchens

Four Tips for Tiling Small Kitchens

Most of us aren’t blessed with a large kitchen, so making the most of a smaller space is essential. The best way of doing this is the invest is nifty storage, good lighting and tiles. The tiles in your kitchen are arguably the most important part of any kitchen as they act as a key design point. So, how can you use tiles in a small kitchen to your advantage?

Reflective Tiles

Its no surprise to learn that reflections help make a room to look bigger. The reverse image from reflections creates the illusion of more space and can be incredibly beneficial with smaller kitchens. Don’t feel as though you have to use a whole wall of reflective tiles however, there are plenty of ways of incorporating them without being too intense. Instead, try using reflective tiles as just a splashback above a cooker or sink. Similarly, try reflective tiles as a border to give you just a hint of that reflection. Reflective tiles are also excellent at bouncing light so will help to open up this smaller space with this clever use of light. If you really don’t want reflective tiles, look for a high gloss finish instead. These don’t have a reflection as such, but their incredible shine bounces light in much the same way so can really help to keep that movement of light in your kitchen.


We know what you’re thinking; don’t patterns make rooms look busy and smaller? Well, it depends on how and where you use them. Patterns are a great way of creating a feature or focal point to a room which can distract from the overall size of the space. Try using patterned tiles as a splashback to draw attention to that part of the room. Using patterned tiles also means you can work with accent colours seamlessly, which leads on to our next point.


Of course, we can’t talk about small rooms without mentioning colour. Without doubt, darker colours are not your friend when it comes to decorating smaller kitchens. The darker colours intensify those shadows and will make the room look and feel more cramped. Your best bet is to stick to neutral and lighter colours to help open up the room. If you’re not into the minimalistic look, as with reflective tiles, use bolder coloured tiles as borders. This adds just that pop of colour and character to a room to keep your kitchen full of life and personality.

Large Tiles

When trying to make a small kitchen feel larger, avoid using small tiles. By using small tiles you are actually cluttering and making the wall feel busier and therefore making the room feel smaller. When shopping for tiles, stick to large format tiles. The larger the tile, the fewer the grout lines there will be and this creates a fluid and clean look.

Decorating a small kitchen shouldn’t be a hassle. With these four tips you can create a stunning and stylish kitchen all while helping the room to look and feel more spacious.

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