How Do I Use Adhesive and Grouting?

How Do I Use Adhesive and Grouting?

You’ve found perfect tile - great! But how do you install it? Luckily we’ve got all of the information  and products you need about how to create a stunning tile wall or floor.


First, you need to add the correct amount of water to the adhesive making sure to follow the instructions as outlined on the packaging. As a general rule you will need to add twice the amount of adhesive as there is water, this then needs to be mixed thoroughly using a drill machinery with an upward mixing paddle. Once the mixture is at the correct consistency, using a trowel with notched edges, start to spread the mixture on your unfinished wall working in small sections. Spread the mixture using the flat edge and then use the notched edge to create lines in the adhesive. Then, firmly press the tile to the adhesive to make sure it is firmly in place to ensure for a safe installation.

Make sure you use tile spacers in between the tiles, especially for walls, to make sure that the tiles don’t move around while you install the other. Tile spacers will also help to create a symmetrical and consistent gap in between your tiles. Once the tile has been applied make sure that the surface of the tile hasn’t got any adhesive on, as this will ruin the overall aesthetic. If the tile does have some adhesive on it, just simply use a damp cloth to remove before it dries. A top tip to making sure that your tiles are totally even is by using a spirit level to ensure that the tiles are all at a straight level.


Once your tiles have securely adhered to your wall or floor, leaving at least 24 hours to do so, you now need to get started on the grouting. The first step is mix up to grout with water if you haven’t bought a pre-mixed, ready to use grout. Once the grout is mixed, press a small amount of the mixture on to the face of the tile with a trowel and using long, upward diagonal strokes make sure the grout is thoroughly into the joints between your tiles. Continue this until the joints are filled but try to do this quickly as the grout begins to harden relatively fast.

As soon as you have finished putting on the grout you need to remove the excess mixture from the face of the tiles. Use a damp sponge to wipe down the tiles making sure not to remove any grout from the joints. Once the grout has hardened slightly, use a grout shaper to finish the joints off by making them neat and tidy. If you notice any gaps in the joins, simply press in some grout with the tip on your finger and use the damp sponge to remove any excess is necessary. Now the hard work is done, simply let the grout dry and when a powered film appears on the tiles, simply use a soft clean cloth to polish up the tiles for a professional finish.

Now you’ve been briefed on how to use tile adhesive and grouting you can order your tiles and get your project started. If you’re unsure or think that the installation process might be a bit too difficult, we would always recommend consulting a professional to do the job for you. Otherwise, happy tiling!

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