How To Create A Moroccan Theme Using Tiles

How To Create A Moroccan Theme Using Tiles

From beautifully rich colours to stunning curved archways, the Moroccan theme is continuing to surge through the interiors world showing promise as a strong trend for the coming year. With this increase in interest, the Moroccan theme is now spreading across the home to include bathrooms and kitchens. With that in mind, in this weeks blog we’re going to look at how you can bring the exotic and iconic Moroccan tile in to your home by following these key statement features.


The distinctive look of the Moroccan tile dates back to before the 8th century. Islamic artists needed something to decorate their tiles with other than depictions of animals in order to follow religious teachings. The pattern that was created and widely used was originally painted on to terracotta tiles before these eventually migrated to Spain where they became an iconographic piece of the Spanish culture. The name of the pattern associated with the Moroccan tile is called, Zellige. The pattern requires incredible attention to detail to create a look that is both exotic and beautiful.

Pattern and Colour

Choosing a tile colour is the first step to building the theme and is arguably one of the most important decisions. The main method to picking colours is by drawing inspiration from the environment. So sticking to oceanic blues or desert hues will immediately create a Moroccan aesthetic. The lush reds and oranges or lagoon greens and blues will whisk you to a faraway place. No Moroccan tile look would be complete without the previously mentioned pattern. The Zellige pattern is a signature finish and will make you feel as though you’re taking a dip in the sea rather than the bath.

Modern Interpretations

If you’re looking to follow the traditional Moroccan theme you would typically stick to a geometric tile with a repeated pattern. Modern interpretations however allow you a lot more freedom of choice while still emulating the theme. Fully embodying the theme will create a truly gorgeous and bold look, but if you would rather subtly introduce the theme there are definitely ways of building a softer impression. The modern Moroccan look incorporates other contemporary pieces for a true combination of old and new. By following the key tile shapes and patterns you can use more neutral colours paired with interior design pieces such as mirrors and candles to build that theme on a quieter level.

The way to think about your tiles is to consider them as the foundations of the project. The foundations are imperative to the success of the rest of the design. With tiles being the centre point to the whole Moroccan theme, as well as having historical importance, its best to view the tiles are the centre point to any Moroccan interior. Sourcing Moroccan tiles nowadays is incredibly easy and this is helped by all of the stunning home objects and furniture that help to create amazing styles. Things such as detailed textiles and metal ornaments will bring that magic Moroccan aesthetic to your home.

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