How To Get The Coastal Bathroom Look

How To Get The Coastal Bathroom Look

As classic as they come, the coastal look is a firm favourite among homeowners. It’s blue and white hues transports you to a faraway place that makes relaxing after a long day that bit easier. No coastal themed bathroom is complete without the use of tiles to help get that strong design foundation. So, we’ve put together some pointers when it comes to tiles and accessories to help channel this interior trend.


The most obvious way of creating a costal look is with the use of colour. Thanks to colours association, the best colour choices to opt for are shades of blue and white. This best emulates that oceanic inspired look paired with white sands and weathered beach houses. If you’re wanting something more neutral, look instead to beiges and yellows that emulate the look of a sandy beach. It’s best to stick with these palettes so to help your later accessories work their magic when it comes to design.

Material and Finish

There’s no better way of replicating the glistening sea than with the use of a mosaic tile. Blue glass mosaic tiles perfectly replicate the changing colour of the sea as well as that stunning surface shine. This, paired with a simple white porcelain matt tile, gives a gorgeous final effect to a room. Similarly, a matt beige or sand coloured tile would look ideal on your floor to imitate a sandy oasis that will make stepping out of your bath feel more like you’re stepping out on to a sun kissed beach. Try a natural material like travertine or sandstone to get achieve this look. If you’re wanting something a bit more subtle, try using a simple blue ceramic tile to border your walls. This gives you that touch of blue but will be far more versatile when it comes to selling or redecorating your property in the future.

Alternatively, a wood effect tiles is a great way of getting a beach hut atmosphere. The best thing about these tiles is that they replicate the look of a wood floor seamlessly without the hassle and worry of a real wood floor in a bathroom. Natural products like wood would perish easily in a bathroom due to the high heat and moisture which would cause the wood to swell and crack. Wood effect tiles however are totally waterproof and bathroom ready to give you the same fabulous look without the worry. With wood effect tiles, look for a whitewash or pale wood to keep it consistent with the theme.


The coastal look bathroom is of such popularity that you can decorate it very cheaply with items from your local homeware shops or even some supermarkets. Think white wood photo frames or toiletry holders matched with fresh flowers or decorative sea shells. Add some nautical themed art work to the walls and you’ll have a beautiful bathroom ready to be enjoyed.

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