How To Get The Vintage Look Using Tiles

How To Get The Vintage Look Using Tiles

Perhaps one of the biggest trends to have taken off in the tiling world as of late is the vintage aesthetic. From new builds to cafes and restaurants and offices to shops, the country has experienced a wave of vintage interiors. The vintage look continues to surge through properties up and down the country and shows no signs of slowing down. Luckily, the vintage look is very easy to replicate in your bathroom or kitchen and we’re here to offer you the best advise on how to transform your home.

Floor Tiles

The floor tile is one of the most crucial steps to getting that vintage look. The most important rule to abide by looking for a black and white patterned design. This black and white look creates a gorgeous sense of dimension to your bathroom and is the perfect way of bringing in some sophisticated design to your bathroom or kitchen. Black and white tiles are the iconic staple piece to the vintage look, however, try to avoid anything too abstract or floral and instead stick to geometric patterns for an authentic look.

Wall Tiles

On your walls, you want to be using a metro tile, and in particular, a white metro tile. Metro tiles have historical value thanks to their heavy use in the London Underground during the early 1900s. The metro tile’s simple and easy to clean properties made it ideal for public spaces and as such they have now become an iconic part of subway stations all over the world. Their minimalist look gives a stunning vintage design that immediately transforms your bathroom or kitchen. Metro tiles as part of a vintage design should always have a gloss finish to be in keeping with with their traditional look. The gloss finish bounces light beautifully in a room and allows you to work with artificial and natural light to make a room feel more spacious. For an even more vintage look, pair your white metro tile with a dark grout colour such as grey or black to make the tile itself really pop. Don’t feel as though you have to use a white tile however. Some vintage designs use a modern interpretation and use a black or grey metro tile with a white grout to create a similar contrasting effect but with a more modern twist.


No vintage bathroom or kitchen is complete without the use of copper and or tarnished metals. Think distressed metal faucets and sinks as well as similar utensils. This includes soap dishes, toothbrush holders, kettles and other similar items. These works beautifully together to give a shabby chic and statement look. As previously mentioned, minimalism is key. So try to leave old radiators and light fixtures exposed for a stripped back and simplistic look. These combined with the tiles will give you an undeniably vintage bathroom.

Thanks to the continuing development of tiles there are now more designs, materials, colours and finishes available than ever before. It’s important to remember that the tiles are the centre point to any vintage bathroom or kitchen so it is therefore important for them to be at the forefront of your mind before project gets off the ground. Here at Tile Monkey we sell a wide range of metro and pattern tiles to help you get that vintage look in no time. Browse our collection today and order your free samples to see what were talking about.

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