How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

If, like most of us, you’re not blessed with a huge bathroom, it can be difficult to know what colour and styles you should choose to make your small bathroom feel larger. From colours to finishes, it can get a little overwhelming as to which would look best. The truth of the matter is a lot of it depends on your unique bathroom, but there are definitely some key pointers as to how to make smaller bathrooms feel more spacious.


It doesn’t come as a shock to know that lighter colours make a room look bigger. This doesn’t mean however that you are limited to white tile, any kind of pale or light tile with colour is equally as effective. For a room that doesn’t get much natural light a lighter tile is a wise choice, but if you have a small bathroom that has a lot of light you can still go for the darker tiles. Dark greys and even black are very trendy right now and they’re not exclusive to those with big bathrooms. A dark tile in a room with a lot of light can create a cosy atmosphere and when paired with natural wood accessories this can look very fashionable. Additionally, if you really plan how you use your darker tiles, it can make the room look larger by creating the illusion of more space when married with a white tile on the walls for example.

Grout Lines

While the colour of your tiles is rightfully a very important choice is making a small room feel larger, but the choice of grouting colour can also make a huge difference. If you choose a small tile and pair this with a contrasting grout this can make a wall or floor look very busy and consequently make a room feel cramped and even smaller. For a smaller bathroom its a good idea to use a grouting that matches the tile colour so that they blend nicely together for a seamless look that will make the room feel as though there is more wall or floor space.

Tile Size

As previously mentioned, a small tile with a contrasting grout and dramatically shrink a room even further. Smaller tiles in general, even with a matching grout can still make a room feel small so we would recommend that you avoid small tiles for a small bathroom. On the other end of the spectrum, large tiles can also make a room feel tight. The larger surface area of a tile can dwarf the room. The best possible tile size for a small bathroom would have to be a medium sized tile to get the balance just right.


The best finish for a tile in a small bathroom would arguably have to be one with a shine. This includes a gloss, glaze or satin finish. The shine of a tile will bounce and reflect light beautifully to give a more airy feel. If you’re not interested in a shiny tile then consider using metallic and shiny accessories for your bathroom so that some light is still being bounced around the room subtly.

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