How To Use Wallpaper And Tiles Together

How To Use Wallpaper And Tiles Together

It’s hard to deny that vintage and rustic trends are this years biggest interior looks. Whether that be distressed furnitures or elaborate patterns and colours, these looks are set to stay. When it comes to rooms like bathrooms however, it can become difficult to know where to start as, after all, the room needs to be able to handle moisture. One great way of brining these looks in to your bathroom is using both tiles and wallpapers together. This mix of materials gives you a stunningly sophisticated finish that will give your home a clear aesthetic. Wallpaper might not be your first thought for bathrooms, but you can actually buy wallpapers that are specially designed to handle high moisture environments. So, always double check the product specifications before installing.

With that in mind, how can you incorporate tiles and wallpaper together and what are the key designs you can achieve?

Half and Half

The half and half look incorporates the use of tiles on the bottom half of the wall and wallpaper on the top half, starting midway. This allows you to keep that easy to clean properties of you bathroom while still benefitting from the more varied looks of wallpapers. You may have more design choice when it comes to wallpaper, but modern advancements in tile manufacturing now means that you can get effect tiles that look nearly identical to the real thing. This allows you to work with marble or stone effect tiles for example that give you that same luxurious look, for less. Paired with a gorgeous wallpaper, the half and half look gives you that perfect blend of practicality and style.

Simple Looks

If you’re wanting something a little more minimalistic, try using wallpaper on just one wall to create a feature. This means you get to work with those all important tiles on your floors and most of your walls but also gives you that flexibility when it comes to design thanks to the wallpaper. Try using a skirting board to help further distinguish between the wallpaper and the tiled floor for a clean cut and professional finish. Choosing to wallpaper one wall will also give you more of an opportunity to work with accent colours in your bathrooms which can help to create a fluid design scheme throughout.


Sometimes working with wallpaper and tiles can cause quite a striking and busy look depending on the pattern you choose. One important thing to remember is balance. There is nothing worse than making a room look and feel smaller by using too many patterns and colours. This is especially important if you have a bathroom that has little access to light. If you’ve got your heart set on an eye-catching wallpaper design, try to match this with a plainer tile to help bring that sense of equilibrium in a room. The plain tiles act as a great blank canvas which allows your wallpaper to be the centre of attention.


Having said all of that, theres no stopping you from purposefully contrasting your wallpaper and tiles. Patterns are all the rage lately as homeowners grow tired of those neutral palettes we’ve grown accustomed to. Mix and match looks that use patterns can give you a fabulously modern and vintage look that has a slightly more retro edge. Be mindful of working with clashing designs, as previously mentioned, this can downsize a room by creating a chaotic and busy look.

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