Living Room on a Budget

Living Room on a Budget

At last but by no means least, we’re on our final renovation on a budget room. The living room.

This is probably the place you spend most of your time when you’re at home. Where you unwind after work, binge on your favourite series and fall asleep until you gain the energy to take yourself to bed. With all that in mind, the living room needs to feel like a relaxing space where you're comfortable and at ease.

Refresh with colour

Cream isn’t always the best colour for a living space, despite the popular opinion that it is. Pick a vibrant colour that brings the room alive in the day and makes it cosy at night. Turquoise works really well and is the perfect partner for a dark blue sofa and accessories. A warm sugary peach tone would work well next to a dark blue feature wall and some light accessories. You don’t need to stand and watch paint dry either. Wall tiles are a great replacement for paint or wallpaper and last longer too.

Let there be fire

Or not. Fireplaces can be a bit of a nightmare as people aren’t really sure what to do with them most of the time. If you have one that you can use - use it! They’re a great way to warm up the room without spending money on the heating. If you’re unable to use yours, you can still use it to your advantage. Paint it the same colour as the wall and use it to showcase a freshly picked bunch or add some tiles and turn it into a real masterpiece. Patterned tiles don’t have to just be used in the Kitchen or Bathroom.

Soft furnishings

Cushions and blankets are your best friend and just what you need to spruce up your living area. Don’t go overkill and make it impossible to sit down anywhere but this is your opportunity to add as much colour as you like and the best thing is, you can always change it! Cushions and blankets are inexpensive and you can alter them almost dependant on your mood!

The floor was made for walking

Floors are often overlooked when redecorating because they’re too expensive, but they don’t have to be. An old and tired floor can really ruin any room, let alone your living space. When looking for a new floor, remember it’s a high traffic area so would need to be durable but that doesn’t mean it has to be industrial looking. There’s some fantastic floor tiles that can withstand moisture, pets and children’s toys.

And there we have it. That's the end of our renovation on a budget series. Let us know how you got on!

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