Things to Consider When Choosing Tiles

Things to Consider When Choosing Tiles

So, tile is the flooring of your choice, but where do you go from here? You now need to select the colour, finish, type and style to suit your needs and the current decor in your home. These tips should help guide you through this stressful process!

Plain or patterend?

Are your walls plain? Choosing patterned floor tiles can have a really beautiful and dramatic impact, but you could grow bored of them over time. An easy way to add an interesting style is to incorporate an accent border.  If you currently have patterned wallpaper but would like to opt for a patterned floor too, be careful about the design you’re choosing to avoid a catastrophic clash.

Size matters

The size of the tile can affect the overall look of the room, depending on the dimensions of both the room and the tile. Choosing large plain tiles for a smaller kitchen area, will expand the space and make it look like a much bigger area however, choosing a patterned tile would get lost in the space.


This is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing the right tiles. Is it suitable for where I need it for? If it’s a high traffic area, you’ll need something that’s durable. If it’s for your bathroom floor, you’ll need something that’s waterproof or very moisture resistant. Will the tile need to be maintained regularly? High gloss finish tiles are very popular in the home at the minute but they’ll be no use for a family kitchen as they become slippery and dangerous when wet.

Consider colour

Look around the room and take in the colour scheme. What colour are the walls? Furniture? Even the current floor as this will give you an idea of the shades that will work and those that won’t. Have you thought about which colour grout you’ll need too? You’ll be spoilt for choice! Think about if you’d like a shade that compliments or contrasts and go from there. Take your time and do your research as it can make a big impact and not always the right one!

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