Tile Trends for 2017

Tile Trends for 2017

When looking for a tile it can seem difficult to find one that has a timeless look that it also currently on trend to ensure your property remains looking modern and fresh. The rise in popularity of tiles means that there is now more different styles and colours than ever before, giving you a seemingly endless choice. The reasons for tiles coming in to the limelight is thanks to their hardwearing and easy to maintain properties. Unlike wood or carpets for example, tiles are easy wiped clean and don't harbor dust or allergens as their counterparts would. This gives them a hygienic edge on other material types – perfect for the modern home.

Patterned Tiles

Making waves in the world of interiors right now are patterned tiles. The aesthetic look of a patterned tile is incredibly modern and can really help in creating a sense of depth and design to a room as opposed to a monochromatic look. The introduction of a pattern to a room in your property will add a great sense of character and if those patterned tiles are coloured this will give you further opportunity to work with accent colours to create a truly well designed room.

Herringbone and Metro Tiles

Also seeing an increase in demand are herringbone and metro tiles. The names refer to the style they are installed as opposed to the tiles themselves. Herringbone style uses brick shaped tiles, available in a variety of thicknesses, to create a look similar to a chevron. Metro tiles are the before mentioned brick shaped tile however it is installed in a traditional consecutive format. Both look beautiful and can help massively to modernise your property. The herringbone in particular can give your floor or wall a stunning sense of fluidity with bags of character to build a property that can add visual value.

Hexagon Tiles

Shaped tiles are also seeing an increase in popularity at the moment with hexagon tiles in particular showing strength. Hexagon tiles give an absolutely gorgeous effect in any kitchen or bathroom. The unusual shape of the tile compared to the expected square or rectangle gives a striking aesthetic that is very modern and contemporary. If you're looking to further create an unusual look, using a grout of a different colour to the tile can help the design to pop for an added sense of depth.

Terracotta Tiles

Just in time for summer, terracotta tiles are a big trend for 2017. Having seen popularity before, the terracotta tile has been reimagined for the modern world to create amazing tiles. The deep orange colours of terracotta give a Mediterranean theme with warmth and style. Terracotta floors look sensational when paired with woven furniture pieces for an authentic look that will set your property apart from the rest.

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