Tile Trends for 2018

Tile Trends for 2018

As it is almost 2018, it is just about the right time to prepare for the year’s incoming tile trends. If you plan on updating your home in time, we suggest deciding your favourites from this list and browsing our collection for the best value tiles in each category. 2018 seems to be about loud, bold and statement making interiors that add edge to a home, so these selections will reflect that.

1 - Colourful Glazed Tiles

Tiles that have been glazed can have a variety of colours printed onto them, and this makes them bold and bright enough to become a 2018 trend. In particular, blue and light grey are already starting to pick up in the interiors world, as well combinations of the two. If you prefer a more earthy tone, rich and glossy versions of beige are making a comeback, in tainted glass material especially. In terms of shape and design, a colourful grid style tiling pattern is recommended, but we suggest considering the size of your room before undertaking this.

2 – Terracotta

Terracotta tiles are natural, rustic and give off a Mediterranean vibe. They are known for bringing warmth and comfort to any home, which is much needed in today’s fast paced world, so are a welcome trend in 2018. In particular, hexagon shaped varieties with pastel tones are becoming popular, due to the increased natural, personalised and unique edgy look. If the colour of terracotta does not fit in your home, instead try a popular Moroccan Zellige tile. These are made form terracotta clay, but are glazed and coloured to better fit in with your home. This will also help achieve trend 1 on this list, so you will not sacrifice a trendy look by deciding on this option. The texture and fitting together of Zellige tiles makes them look highly natural, rustic and personalised, just like ordinary terracotta tiles.

3 - All Black

Black tiles with black grouting are a way of making a home look more modern, sophisticated and seamless. They are our most practical trend on this list, in that they also hide dirt well, particularly due to the black grouting, meaning they will not be out of place as a floor or wall tile, or if used as a backsplash or around a fireplace. A matt look or hexagon shape on these tiles will add even more sophistication or edge, respectively, to achieve a striking look in your home. Try pairing white grid wall tiles with an all black large hexagon floor, or an all black fireplace with white wallpaper. If you want to capture attention whilst not being over the top, this is an excellent trend for you.

4 – The Subway Look

This is a trend that comes in waves, and once again it has returned. It can be argued the subway look is more of a classic than a trend, but we disagree! The trend is in the variation, not the tile itself, and in 2018 the variation is texture and contrasting grout. This creates a vintage look as the grout will look aged but not dirty, and the texture should emulate a look of being worn and recycled. These will improve a modern kitchen by preventing it looking too industrial and contrived. If you like the metro look but not particularly something too vintage or common, try applying the all black trend trend here – black metro tiles with black grouting. You could even arrange them parquet style on your walls or floors for increased personalisation and fun without spending too much money. We have a blog on metro tiles here if you need to find a way to work these into your home.

5 - Penny and Hexagon Shaped Tiles

You may have notice hexagon tiles have been mentioned a few times already – that is because they are also a 2018 trend! Specifically, it is large and coloured ones that are in style – in line with the coloured and terracotta trends. They will add something unique to your home, and work well with square tiles if you already have these in the room. Although it is said colourful ones are in, the all black trend is applicable to hexagon tiles too if a more monochrome theme is desired. As long as the tiles are large, your home will be in fashion with hexagon tiles. As for round penny tiles, these work much better than the former in smaller spaces due to their size. This is also true for the pastel shades that are most trendy with penny tiles, as the standard glossy white does not compliment small rooms well.

6 - Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are 2018’s solution to an otherwise plain and boring room. The bolder the better with this trend - big and loud patterns are in for creating a fun backdrop, which is why geometric floor tiles are heightening in popularity. The dramatic appearance of the pointed triangles in bright colours would look wonderful in creating an area for a dining table for example. For walls, Terrazzo is a pattern that is on the rise too, despite its popularity in the 1920s and its comeback in floor tiles in 2017. As we said before, loud and bold statements are the theme in 2018, so geometric and terrazzo fit in perfectly here. However, any pattern can have a similar impact, as long as you ensure no clashes with patterned furniture or rugs. Now you know what will be popular in 2018, you can begin to browse our collection and order in time to decorate your home. Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team for more advice on tiles on 0800 994 9104, or check out our other blogs here.

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