Tiles for Feature Walls

Tiles for Feature Walls

Feature walls first sprung to popularity around 10 years ago now and have since been continuing to show their style in our homes. Perfect for adding that splash of character in a room, feature walls can transform a space seamlessly. However, be mindful of the size of the room you plan to use a feature wall in, as often less is more. So, what are the best ways of maximising the use of a feature wall in your home?

Wood Effect Tiles

There’s no better way of adding warmth and atmosphere to a room than using wood. However,  because it is a natural product, it absorbs moisture and expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. This makes it less than ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens that are frequently exposed to these elements. Don’t worry though, you can still get that same great wood look but with tiles. With continuing advancements in manufacturing, wood effect tiles look better than ever and can give you that same rustic and contemporary look with all the practical benefits a tile can bring.

Large Format Tiles

A feature wall doesn’t have to be based off a pattern or design. A feature wall is simply defined for being just that, a wall that demands the attention of the room. A great way doing this is with a large format tile in a colour that is different to the rest of the wall colours. Large format tiles are ideal for making small rooms look larger since they require fewer grout lines that can crowd a wall. This, coupled with a bold colour, makes for a stunning feature wall in any bathroom or kitchen.


We just mentioned it, but colour is your biggest advantage when it comes to feature walls. Don’t be afraid to branch out in to more exciting or even moodier colours. Since you are only tiling one wall in this colour, it won’t be too overwhelming and instead offer you a sophisticated finishing aesthetic. Darker colours are right on trend right now as homeowners are leaving behind those neutral palettes. Colours such as navy blues, greys and deep purples are just a few of this years trending colours, so use them to your advantage!

There are endless ways of creating a feature wall in your home and it is truly the easiest way to experiment with different colours, layouts and patterns in your home. Feature walls also lend themselves nicely to using accent colours and accessories. This ultimately gives your home a professional finishing touch for an aesthetically pleasing interior.

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