Tiles Trends in Spring 2018

Tiles Trends in Spring 2018

Looking for the perfect tile that suits the style you want is not always easy. You need to find a balance between a trendy and timeless look in order to ensure your house always looks updated and modern. With the rise of popularity in tiles, more and more styles are showing up and giving you endless possibilities. This post brings you the main trends of this spring to make you a bit easier to choose.

Giving Texture to your House

In the same way you use colours to give life and depth to your place, texture is the new protagonist - layer your textures the same way you would do with colours! In this new trend, textured floor tiles such as natural stone are your best ally. You can match them with wooden fixtures to create contrast and make a statement. Using texture allows you to give a rustic touch to your place and create a cosy atmosphere.


Pastel colours are an interior trend coming on strong in tiles too. Pastels work great in all rooms and create many different looks - use pastel tiles in a small bathroom and see how it opens up the space. A pastel metro tile for example is also great for a vintage style. Another way of using them is by creating a contrast between modern accessories and vintage floors. Using pastel tiles is a great way of softening a room and introducing colour but without making it look busy.

Geometric Shapes

To say that geometric shapes are hugely trendy right now is an understatement. Geometric patterns in tiles are no exception. Hexagonal tiles are one of the most successful tile styles this year, and it looks like it’s going to stay this way for a while! Geometric tiles add texture and depth, and as we have mentioned before, this is very in vogue at the mmoment. You don’t need to cover your wall with them if you don’t like the look too much, but what about creating a backsplash with them? This will give originality and a real feeling of uniqueness to your kitchen. Instead, you can even add some hexagonal tiles amongst neutral tiles and give a classy touch to your bathroom for example.


We are not saying you should get a full metal tiled look, so don’t worry! However, the match of metal accessories with neutral tiles is a real hit at the moment and because of this we felt it deserved a mention in our post. Combining some metal accessories with a plain tile in the bathroom for example will give a glamorous touch to the room. Of course you need to be careful to not use too much silver and gold, or you can end up with a rather vulgar look. Remember if you have decided to put a golden tap in your bathroom for example, stick to it with the rest of accessories - never mix it with silver!

By keeping on top of the most popular trends and at the same time incorporating elements of timeless looks, you can create an amazing space that will stay looking fresh and sophisticated.

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