Top Four Ways Of Working With Mosaic Tiles

Top Four Ways Of Working With Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are most homeowners favourites offering a sophisticated and elegant look that is almost Grecian in appearance. Mosaic tiles tend to use a mix of materials including, stone, glass, marble and other similar combinations. This mix and match approach gives you a stunning finishing aesthetic that works with both gloss and matt finishes that gives you a truly dynamic wall that adds beautiful dimension to a room. Mosaics are typically used as splashbacks or borders, but there are actually limitless ways of incorporating tiles in to your home and we’re going to discuss the top four favourites right here.


We’ve just mentioned it, but splashbacks are a great way to use mosaic tiles in your home. They’re mainly used here for their practical benefits since they are impervious to water and are also very easy to clean. Whether you use mosaic tiles as a splashback in your kitchen or bathroom, it will give you a stylish solution to a practical problem with ease. You can use mosaic splashbacks to blend in or work harmoniously with existing palettes, or, you can create a feature piece and bolder look by working with a contrasting tile. Either way this is the ultimate style and substance combination.

Feature Walls or Floors

Mosaic tiles don’t just have to be restricted to certain areas of a room as with a splashback. Mosaic tiles can be used to create stunning feature walls or even floors. Their eye-catching and intricate look make for excellent feature designs giving you an excellent opportunity to work with accent colours. The combination of materials that give slightly different shades of colours make layering the accessories in your home noticeably easier to give you that professional finishing aesthetic. The mosaic motif when contrasted with a plain tiling in the rest of a room, especially when used in a bathroom, gives a gorgeous end result that will make your room look and feel more expensive.


If you’re apprehensive to use a whole wall or floor as a mosaic then try instead to use mosaics as part of insets in walls. This creates a stunning sense of depth to a room and helps to bring that elegant a sophisticated look in a room. Similarly, using tiles in alcoved where a shower or sink may be will allow you to work with the beautiful mosaic tile look without committing fully to a whole space.


As discussed earlier, mosaics make for great borders in a room. The contrast of the plain simple tiles that are offset with the mosaic helps to break up the room and allows you the chance to work with colours far more easily. This classic look should be planned carefully so not to disrupt the balance of a room. Creating a border around a room that is at an odd height can be quite distracting in terms of aesthetic, so make sure to plan your mosaic border in advance to find the perfect height for your room.

And there you have it, the top four favourite ways homeowners and designers work with mosaic tiles. These tiles are a top choice for a reason, their stunning look creates a luxurious, traditional and yet timeless look in your home unlike any other tile.

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