Advice On Wet Rooms

Advice On Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are an incredibly modern and stylish way of designing your bathroom. A wet room eliminates the shower trays and screens to give one seamless, open space. Sleek and oftentimes practical, wet rooms are a gorgeous addition to any modern property. But what are the materials that you should consider when aiming for a totally waterproof room?


The best type of tile to use would be a porcelain. These are totally waterproof and will give you that peace of mind against water damage. However, pretty much all tiles are waterproof, so don’t feel you are restricted to porcelain. Just make sure that the tiles are properly grouted and sealed. Generally, mosaic tiles are excellent for floors in wet rooms. Their mesh backing makes it easier to construct slopes for water drainage as well as slip resistance. The more grout lines used with mosaic tiles act as gulley’s the help water disperse quicker.


The colour and design of the tile is entirely up to you, this will have no affect on the the functionality of the wet room. Generally, try to avoid smaller tiles on your walls. We mentioned previously that mosaics are great for floors since they help the water to drain away. However, on your walls you want to try to create the illusion of space. One of the great things about a wet room  is that it eliminates the need for fixtures and furnishings that would otherwise make a room feel smaller. By using glass screens or no screens at all, your room is immediately opened up, creating the illusion of that all important blank space. To use this to your advantage, use large tiles on your wall to further play with that empty space and stop it from feeling cluttered or busy.


The finish is crucially important with wet rooms. Avoid a gloss or shine finish at all costs. These glossy finishes, while bringing beautiful shine, will become dangerously slippery when wet. With wet rooms, always use tiles that have a non-slip finish. This will keep the whole room safe when it becomes wet and won’t cause you to fall or slip over.


There’s no denying that you will have more maintenance when opting for a wet room. Entirely tiling a room does make it easier to wipe down however, so general cleaning is a breeze. Long-term however, you will need to keep an eye for mould and grime that may build up as a result of excess water. This can be managed by using a mould spray semi-regularly and making sure you look after your grouting and sealants. You can read more about tile maintenance here.

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