What Are Metro Tiles And Why Are They So Popular?

What Are Metro Tiles And Why Are They So Popular?

Tiles are an incredible way of adding some style to your bathroom, kitchen or even floor. Tiles are often overlooked but they are actually the canvas from which you can build a whole design, theme or aesthetic in your property. This year one tile in particular has stood out in the crowd from all the rest. The metro tile is in high demand thats to its understated appearance that gives you a gorgeous modern look that will give interior-envy to anyone who visits.

Metro tiles have actually been around for years and most of us will recognise them from our everyday lives. Metro tiles have humble beginnings as they were originally used for buildings such as hospitals and prisons thanks to their non-offensive design and their ability to be easily cleaned. Metro tiles were essentially the everyman, practical tile and you would rarely see them used as part of theme or design. Since they first appeared on the scene, metro tiles have now become iconic as their heavy use on the London underground in the early 1900’s made them a staple piece in the tiling world.

Since then however, the metro tile has come along in leaps and bounds in terms of style and applications and is currently experiencing a rejuvenation period within the interiors world. Their now retro look brings a stunning vintage glamour look to an otherwise unexciting room. Their continuing development and manufacturing means that metro tiles are now on the market in a range of colours and finishes making it near impossible to not find one you will immediately love. Metro tiles look great when they’re matched with metallic feature pieces and furnitures for that truly industrial chic look.

More traditionally, metro tiles would be installed horizontally for that iconic and classic look paired with a high gloss finish for a beautiful shine. If you’re wanting something a little more different, you can also install the metro vertically for a modern twist. Similarly, by pairing your metro tiles with a contrasting grout colour you can create a wall or floor that really pops and makes every tile standout. For example, using a white tile with a black grout can help to add some definition and help to build that rustic vintage look that's popular at the moment. One of the main reasons metro tiles are so popular is thanks to their low maintenance and easy to clean properties. Their glossy finish makes cleaning marks and spillages that bit easier needing only warm soapy water and a sponge for an impeccable hygiene level and shine.

If you’re a bit of a trend follower, you may have noticed that the chevron has massively taken off this year as a design feature. The metro tile in particular looks beautiful when installed in the chevron style thanks to its rectangular shape. The chevron style creates a sense of fluidity to a wall or floor and is a great way of introducing patterns to a room on a more subtle level.

The metro tile is an excellent way of adding style to your bathroom, kitchen or floor. Their simple shape gives you plenty of room to build your design or theme and is a fantastic addition to any style conscious homeowner.

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