Why Are Tiles The Best Choice For Pets Owners?

Why Are Tiles The Best Choice For Pets Owners?

With 41% of us Brits owning a cat or dog its important to know which type of floor material is going to live up to the active life of our four legged friends. Arguably the best choice for your home would be tiles. Not only are they easily cleaned, they are also scratch resistant and non absorbent - perfect for those little accidents.

Other types of flooring, such as carpets, are incredibly difficult to maintain with your pets. Stains from the aforementioned accidents are not easily removed, if at all, as well as being prone to absorbing odours. Carpets downfall of trapping dust and dirt in its fibres is detrimental to keeping a clean home. This often means you have to call out a professional carpet cleaner costing you time and money in the long run. Comparatively, tiles typically last for around 20 years or more and can offer you a far better durability, ease of maintenance as well as not harbouring any allergens or nasty odours.

Its a good idea to consider where you pet spends most of its time. A good place to use a tile floor would be wherever your back and front door is. Since pets often stumble in mucky or wet or sometimes both, a tile floor becomes invaluable. Easily cleaned, tiles need only warm soapy water and a sponge or mop to clean up any dirt in an instant.

If you’re worried that a tile might take away from a homely atmosphere then don’t panic, tiles have hundreds of different looks and styles to suit every home. A wood effect tile is an excellent way of reaping all of the benefits of tile but with a gorgeous wood aesthetic to inject a more rustic look in to your home. Again, if you’re worried about tiles creating a clinical and cold feel to your home, then it’s good to know that most floor tiles are compatible with underfloor heating. This means you will still get that toasty warm feeling underfoot and will likely find your pet snuggled up there too. Always read the product description of every tile to find out the particulars.

If you’re truly dedicated to making your pets life and your life harmonious then you could always consider matching your tiles to your pet. This might sounds a little crazy - but bear with us. If you’ve got a white dog for example and decide to use a black tile, their hair will show up considerably more because of the contrast. Matching your tile colour with the colour of your pets fur will help to blend those annoying strays and will keep your floor looking tidy.

We have an incredible range of tiles on offer so take a look at our huge collection today to find both your, and your pets, perfect tile.

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