Why Choose Quartz Tiles?

Why Choose Quartz Tiles?

Arguably one of the most beautiful tiles, quartz looks incredible and can make your home appear sophisticated and expensive. But what exactly is quartz and why should you choose it? We’re here to answer all of your questions to keep you at the top of your tile game.

What is quartz?

Unlike other tile types such as ceramic or porcelain, quartz tiles are made from a mixture of natural quartz, mirror flecks, resin and colour pigments. The surface of the tile is then thoroughly polished to produce that glittering and beautiful tile that we’re familiar with. But did you know that quartz tiles don’t just come with that sparkly appearance? Some quartz tiles don’t include the mirror flecks, giving a stunning natural quartz aesthetic. Quartz tiles without the mirror flecks are called quartzite, so if you don’t fancy all that pizazz, simply put quartzite in to the search bar instead.

How practical are quartz tiles?

Quartz tiles are unbelievably strong and you're unlikely to ever break it. This makes it ideal for floors for example that will experience heavy usage over the years. Additionally, quartz is compatible for use with underfloor heating meaning that you can still get that warm cosy feeling underfoot. It is worth noting however that you should avoid using quartz tiles in rooms such as conservatories, as they don’t often react well to UV light exposure.

What are the key benefits of quartz tiles?

Apart from being obviously stunning, quartz tiles have a lot of benefits aside from their looks. Quartz tiles are very easy to maintain, needing only a damp mop or cloth to clean up those odd spillages. On that note, quartz tiles are also stain resistant. This is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms that come in to contact with a lot of food or soaps for example that could potentially cause long-term damage to other tile materials. Quartz is a non-porous material, meaning It doesn’t absorb water or liquids and also doesn’t therefore harbour bacteria or allergens, making it a very hygienic tile choice, something to keep in mind if you’re not a fan of cleaning!

On top of this, quartz is reported to be 33% stronger than granite and is also more scratch resistant, making it perfect for kitchens and hallways or properties with pets. As previously mentioned, quartz tiles are incredibly strong and show longevity through this strength. As a result, you get excellent value for money as a quartz tile will pay itself off with many years of quality use.

To summarise, quartz tiles are an excellent choice for any residential or commercial property as they offer both strength and beauty in one. If you’’d like to find out more about quartz tiles why not order yourself a free sample today to see what all of the fuss is about!

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