Why You Should Choose Matt Tiles

Why You Should Choose Matt Tiles

If you have already decided that tiles are what you want on your floors, then there will be a lot of factors you will need to consider. From colour, size and shape to where in your home to install them, there are a number of things to account for with tiles. But is there a tile that can suit and home and any floor? Well, actually, yes! Matt tiles are not only incredibly stylish at the moment, but they’re also highly practical too. So, what exactly makes matt tiles so great?

Family friendly

Matt tiles earn their name thanks to their finish. Matt tiles don’t have a shiny or glossy finish. This makes them very practical as they are much less slippery. This is an important factor to consider if you have children running and playing around the house. Using matt tiles can reduce falling thanks to the slightly more noticeable grip the finish provides. You can use them everywhere of course, but they are highly recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. These two places are the rooms that are more likely to get wet, or at least have some spillages, so will help to reduce slips or falls from happening.


As previously mentioned, bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms that would benefit most from matt tiles. Not only do they help with stopping slips, they are also great in terms of everyday maintenance. With no gloss or shine, things like water marks are far less easily visible. Similarly, matt tiles don’t stain easily, so if you’re a messy cook these tiles are a definite must!

Matt tiles don’t need such a regular maintenance routine. With a gloss tile for example, you will spend more time cleaning and buffing the surface to retain their shine. With a matt however, you won’t need this added aesthetic cleaning ritual. This makes matt tiles perfect for busy homeowners who are looking to cut back on cleaning time.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Matt tiles are perfect for creating both rustic and contemporary looks. Their no-fuss finish is perfect for country home looks and work well when combined with other tile types. Comparatively, they are also a huge interior trend right now. Matt is one of this years biggest interior looks, so would fit seamlessly in to modern homes too. Whichever theme you’re going for, you can combine matt and gloss tiles for a striking look that is ideal for smaller bathrooms. The combination of finishes makes for a textured bathroom or kitchen that reflects natural light beautifully.

So there you have it, a few reasons we think matt tiles are a great choice. If you love them as much as us you can find them here.

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