What we're Looking for

• Ambitious • Motivated • Logical • Willing to Take Calculated Risks • Hard Working • Reliable • Dedicated • Loyal • Flexible • Relaxed Under Pressure • Problem Solver • Resourceful • Creative • Good at Prioritising

To succeed, you'll have to show us each characteristic every step of the way. Here's exactly what we're looking for:

Stage 1: Questionnaire

With each question, it is important that you are as honest as possible. By not answering honestly, you are only cheating yourself. The questionnaire involves mostly scenario based questions, but not every scenario example you provide will be related to business - we just want to see your potential! Anything that you feel answers the question and showcases the skills we are looking for is valid. The key to answering all the questions well lies in providing reasoning for everything you say. Please be concise when answering so that you include plenty of detail without writing too much. We recommend researching how to answer competency based questions to help you succeed.

Stage 2: Presentation

At this stage, we are looking to find out more about your personality rather than your skills. However, you should try to display the aforementioned traits. You may also wish to tell us what attracted you to the opportunity, how and why you feel you are the right candidate for it, your goals, and how this opportunity helps you reach them. You don't need to provide any visual aids during the presentation, just speak clearly and show us your potential.

Stage 3: Competition

Over the three days, we want to see your entrepreneurial flair shine! Day 1 will test your team building skills, individuality, and best characteristics. The key here is to just be yourself! Day 2 will involve a practical task, in which we test your ability to think outside the box and use what you have to achieve success. The final day lets us see you undertaking Tile Monkey specific tasks. This could be anything from marketing to sales to negotiation.

Stage 4: Final

The final stage is a secret! Everything you've learned will be put to the test, so make sure to take note, and put your experience to good use. We wish you the best of luck!

Please note: you do not need to have prior business experience or educational certificates to succeed in this competition. If you show us all the characteristics listed above, you're more than in with a chance!

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